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When you're hunting for a shed for your yard you want something that is going to look nice, will last quite a long time, and is preferably maintenance free. To be able to determine what sort of shed could meet your storage necessities, you should have all of the useful details first. satin that case, you should check out our Storage Shed Reviews channel exactly where you can see all the relevant details concerning the best brands just like the Duramax sheds. outdoor storage sheds

Considering the fact that the brand Duramax is derived from the phrase “maximum durability”; it is no longer surprising why they are able to create a highly durable item like the Woodbridge series. A Woodbridge shed is durable enough to last for countless generations. It is made from vinyl, which is renowned for its high resistance to chipping, peeling, fading, discolouration, warping and cracking. Unlike plastics and woods, termite infestation doesn’t occur in vinyl sheds. Duramax sheds are easily obtainable in various forms and types that is why you can ensure that you will find something which will fit your choice. The one that many people choose is their Woodbridge vinyl shed collection.

If you go for Duramax sheds, then you no longer have to do any maintenance works. The Woodbridge shed will stay in excellent condition even if it's not repainted or stained. In addition, this shed is simple to assemble. With the pre-drilled panels, you can easily complete the shed in a day with a good friend. The foundation kit is optional, but you must think of purchasing it. This will make the assembling time quicker. backyard sheds

Adding more windows is something that you must contemplate if you are planning to use your Duramax sheds as a workspace or as a playroom for your kids. Windows are necessary to make your Woodbridge shed more beautiful. As for the skylight and ventilation kits, they are already included in the package. The windows are very easy to slide in, they can be installed in the same way you installed the panels. However, if you wish to optimize your shed for storage uses, it is best to purchase the Duramax shelf kits.

The Duramax sheds are fire retardant. The truth is, their sheds like the Woodbridge vinyl shed series are certified by the California Fire Marshall. Compared to sheds that are made from plastic or wood, the vinyl shed is more durable. Even though it encounters a hurricane which moves 115 miles per hour, rest assured that this shed will remain intact. Furthermore, the roof can hold up to 20lbs of snow without collapsing. When the strong metal support is anchored properly, then the forces of nature will not be able to destroy it very easily. diy shed kits

The Woodbridge shed is 10.5 feet wide and comes in depths of 8’, 10’ and 13’. If you need greater depth you could also add one or more 2.5’ extension kits. The extension kit could be added later if you already have to elongate your shed, which means that you don’t have to get the shed and the extension kits at the same time. When you have a metal or wooden shed, then you'll never be able to make this kind of adjustment very easily.

Duramax sheds are built with double doors which are 5’ wide, allowing people to easily move in big objects. The opening is also wide enough to let a small tractor or mower to slide in.

Based on the US Green Building council, poly vinyl is an eco-friendly material which made Duramax sheds the very best option if you wish to help preserve the environment. Poly vinyl can also be recycled rather than being thrown in a landfill. In addition, the sheds are made in the US, which implies that their transport mile is smaller when compared to some other products. Buying paints, stains, and cleaning materials is not necessary since this is a maintenance free shed. It also has a lifespan of 20 or 30 years. Considering how beneficial this product is, buying the shed is absolutely a decision that you will never regret.

What individuals love regarding Duramax sheds is that it makes the expenses all worth it. It helps you save a lot of money in the future, and your yard will look wonderful at the same time. backyard storage sheds