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for more info If you've ever wondered what it might be prefer to "own the near future" you should probably speak to John Curtis, cEO and co-founder of Revolutionall World. He was observed by me speaking at the standard IoT EDI Meetup (organised by Simon Montford of on Wednesday 27 April, at Napier University's Merchiston campus, a meeting which had attracted an eclectic mixture of knowledgeable people focusing on subjects as diverse as algorithm design, software for wearables, renewable energy strategy and big data.John had taken time to describe his plans for future years, which don't land too brief of world domination. He's one particular extremely larger-than-life people just a little, active and interest. His passion going back four years has been Revolutionall, a project that aims to carefully turn our transport system on its head, and also have a full whole lot of fun along the way.At the heart of the program can be an ambitious visitor centre in Falkirk, the to begin many planned across the global world, that will showcase zero carbon emission cars and vehicles in a great family day trip that has a race track for checking out and testing the cars, an oculus rift virtual reality system and immersive simulators.